What is AlarmCalm?

False alarms are one of the big issues currently faced by fire professionals and building owners today. The FIA estimated that false alarms cost over £1billion last year, in the UK alone.

In response to this global problem, Advanced has developed AlarmCalm, which we think is the most powerful and complete False Alarm Management solution available.

How AlarmCalm Works

AlarmCalm is fast, easy to use and simple to configure. It can scale from small installations to large sites with complicated cause and effect.

Using Alarm Verification and Investigation Delay technology, AlarmCalm allows additional time to respond, verify or investigate an alarm before the fire system goes into full alarm state.

AlarmCalm uses Advanced's new Building Area concept which allows alarm management strategy within a building to be easily managed.

AlarmCalm Features & Benefits

AlarmCalm is the complete False Alarm Management Solution, suitable for almost any site.

It operates at exceptionally high speeds, giving additional time to respond, verify or investigate a fire alarm.

It is extremely easy to install and configure and is compatible with Advanced's major fire systems.

It delivers total control of Alarm Verification and Investigation Delays to Outputs.

It includes optional Intelligent alarm acknowledgement loop devices and uses existing detection devices.

Using simple, powerful software AlarmCalm offers huge configuration benefits and options.

AlarmCalm reduces disruption to businesses, annoyance to customers and damage to reputation whilst cutting out costly false alarm call out charges.


If you have a question regarding AlarmCalm, you'll probably find the answer here. If not, please contact us.

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